Is Ezoic better than AdSense?

Is Ezoic better than AdSense?: customer support, integration, ad-layout, payments, Why does Ezoic pay better? Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning;Increasing number of Ads; Increasing site performance. 

s Ezoic better than AdSense?: customer support, integration, ad-layout, payments, Why does Ezoic pay better?
s Ezoic better than AdSense?: customer support, integration, ad-layout, payments, Why does Ezoic pay better?

This article will determine which of the two advertising networks will win the debate between Ezoic and Google AdSense, as well as analyze each of their particular strengths and weaknesses.

Both Google AdSense and Ezoic are products we have personally used, and thus we are fairly qualified to write this “vs” article. Our earnings have also increased since moving from Google AdSense to Ezoic, as we will share at the end.

The importance of earnings is obvious. However, there are a few other important but small factors to consider. Let’s discuss these first before discussing the earnings.

Customer Support

In reality, Google AdSense support is virtually nonexistent. It takes a lot of time and effort to contact them, and should only be done as a last resort. Search the web or consult AdSense forums instead. In this case, the only saving grace is that Google AdSense integrates well and rarely causes problems. Therefore, you won’t be contacting them too often.

On the other hand, Ezoic has a fairly solid customer support department. You will be in constant communication with an Ezoic representative through e-mail throughout the entire process. In a single day, I would exchange 4-5 emails with my Ezoic rep during the setup process. There are also dedicated channels through which you can contact their customer service team.

The Ezoic support team can also help you set up your account by manually adjusting settings in your dashboard or handling any issues with the backend (although they can become a little overbearing at times).


A few lines of code need to be pasted into the header.php file of your website to integrate with Google AdSense. While it may seem daunting for non-programmers, accessing your header.php file is actually quite simple. You will find many online guides that will teach you how.  

Ezoic, however, is more complex. Integration itself isn’t difficult, and you don’t have to touch any code. There are three ways to integrate with Cloudflare: changing your nameservers, clicking a button to integrate with Cloudflare, or just downloading and installing a WordPress plugin.

In spite of sounding simple, Ezoic can cause quite a bit of trouble initially, which requires quite a bit of configuring before it will work correctly. 


While it may seem relatively insignificant, Ad Placement in Ezoic is easier and more customizable than in Google AdSense. You can place Ads wherever you like in Ezoic without even needing to insert a single line of code anywhere on your site.

With Ezoic, you can place Ads on your website just by clicking on the desired area using the Chrome browser plugin. Alternatively, you can manually add the code to your own site or even use both systems simultaneously for the best results. The Ezoic dashboard allows you to customize personal ad settings, including Ad-sizes, padding, alignment, and on what platforms (mobile, desktop, or both) your ads should appear.

Ezoic vs Google Adsense Payments

There is no doubt that Google AdSense has terrible payouts, and that you will need tens of thousands of visitors per month to earn a substantial amount (e.g., $100+). Depending on your niche, you will need 10 – 15 times that amount to earn an actual income.

It’s fortunate that there are a lot of other options (e.g., Ezoic and Mediavine) that pay better than Google AdSense. If AdSense doesn’t pay so well, why are so many people using it?

Unawareness. Many people are so familiar with Google AdSense that they are unaware of the other options.

Google AdSense allows you to get approved with as few as 1000 monthly users. Ad-networks that have higher traffic requirements can have up to 100 times higher minimums.

Traffic from the United States

Many advertising networks require that most of your traffic comes from the United States. With AdSense, such requirements don’t exist, so all types of websites can use it.

It is for these reasons that Google AdSense is the most popular Ad network in the world, with an estimated 40 million websites using it. It is probably more than all other advertising networks combined.

Why does Ezoic pay better?

You may now wonder why Ezoic pays so much? Perhaps you have heard that Ezoic increased earnings by up to 300% if you have done any research of your own. Then how does that happen?

The reason Ezoic is able to increase your earnings is very simple, and I’ll explain how.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Now while this is very important and helps increase earnings and enhance user experience to a great extent, it does not justify a 300% boost. We need to take a closer look at some other factors that often play a more significant role in determining earnings.

Increasing number of Ads

In order to display the most ads possible on your site, Ezoic will try to display the maximum number of ads. Leaving the maximum ads option unchecked will cause Ezoic to show more than 10 advertisements on your site. This has resulted in an increase in revenue.

There is nothing wrong with having many ads as long as they don’t negatively impact the user experience, such as keeping many ads in the sidebar. You should test everything carefully, since too many ads can also slow your site down.

You don’t have to worry too much, though, since Ezoic’s algorithm will try to determine the best number of ads to display without negatively impacting the User Experience.

Increasing site performance

Ezoic incresing site perfomance; is ezoic better than adsense
Ezoic increasing site perfomance

Ezoic’s performance measurements are also likely behind increased revenue, which you won’t find with other ad networks. CDN’s or cache plugins that already exist may not be affected, but those without these features will be boosted significantly.

As a result, traffic will increase and bounce rates will decrease, which will undoubtedly increase revenue.

In addition to the optimization of the site and the placement of your ads before joining Ezoic, there is another important consideration. In comparison to someone who has a poorly optimized site with a poor Ad-setup and performance, a publisher who has already optimized his Ad-setup and performance might not see much of an increase.

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