Burrata Cheese During Pregnancy

Burrata Cheese During Pregnancy: Good or Bad? To live a good pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby, you must take measures for your personal health that are beneficial. Pregnancies are a caring situation that requires constant attention to sensations as well as maintaining a balanced diet that helps the optimal growth of the baby that is on the way.

Burrata Cheese During Pregnancy
Burrata Cheese During Pregnancy

Cheeses are an important issue in the diet of a pregnant woman. They are able to decrease health and there are even specific cheeses that are not recommended during this gestation period. Even so, knowing about each cheese will help you include it in your diet.

Burrata is a particular cheese that enters the favorites of the French. Today we will find out if it is suitable for pregnant women to consume them.

Getting to know Burrata Cheese

From Apulia, Italy. Burrata is a cheese made from mozzarella and buffalo or cow’s milk. It is a delicious cheese which has a weight of less than 400 grams. Its presentation is quite peculiar since its leaves have green rings which differentiates it from the other cheeses.

Burrata cheese is usually eaten during the spring. It’s even part of the afternoon snacks. Defining whether Burrata is a soft cheese or not is something complex. Internationally, burrata is classified as a soft cheese which is the first indication to know whether or not it is suitable for pregnancy.

It is well known that soft cheeses cannot be consumed by pregnant women. But, burrata, being a soft cheese, can be included in the diet as long as it is made with pasteurized milk.

The cream of the center should also be made with pasteurized milk to fully create a cheese that is safe to consume.

The importance of Pasteurization during Pregnancy

Feeding a pregnant woman is one of the most important aspects so that the baby can be born healthy and strong. Cheese is one of the foods that is most commonly eaten but you have to pay more attention during the gestation stage.

Dairy products should be consumed during pregnancy due to their great contribution of protein, vitamin D and especially calcium and phosphorus. If they are not consumed, then there would be a problem with the baby’s bone growth and development so they are vitally important.

Even so, you can not consume all dairy so you have to choose which foods you will consume. In the case of cheeses, pasteurization comes into play. This process is a heat treatment that seeks to eliminate pathogens. Dairy products and derivatives usually have bacteria or parasites that can be harmful to health and trigger different diseases in pregnant women that endanger both their own life and that of the fetus.

Pasteurization consists of subjecting liquids to high temperatures for a specific time. Despite this, the food does not lose its properties but only eliminates pathogens. If dairy is not pasteurized, then it is dangerous to consume it.

Can you eat burrata when pregnant?

Burrata Cheese is a dairy food which can become similar to mozzarella and it is delicious to consume it, it has even become popular these days. What you should keep in mind is whether the cheese has been made with raw milk or pasteurized milk. Well, raw milk cheese CAN harm both the mother and the future baby.

Is it okay for pregnant women to consume burrata cheese?

The answer is yes. If they can consume it.

You can consume Burrata Cheese as long as the product has been made with pasteurized milk since this way you will save yourself many problems during pregnancy. If you get to eat burrata cheese that is made from raw milk, you can be exposed to many diseases caused by bacteria that have not been previously eliminated and are making life inside the cheese.

For example, burrata cheeses are often nests for Listeria. This bacterium causes Listeriosis and the fact that a pregnant woman consumes a food infected with this bacterium makes her prone to get sick and even lose the baby due to the pathological effects on the body.

This disease is capable of causing meningitis, fever and, although it does not affect the life of the mother, it can affect the life of the baby depending on the intensity of the disease in the body. Also, it may sound a bit dangerous for a pregnant woman to consume burrata cheese but it doesn’t have to be.

Pregnant women can eat burrata cheese as long as they do so moderately. This means that they must maintain a diet that is within the healthy limits of the amounts of burrata that can be consumed. Giving you an exact number of how much burrata cheese a pregnant woman can eat is somewhat difficult, but it is advisable that you consume the maximum cheese two or three times a week in an amount not exceeding 200 grams.

Also remember to check that the cheese is made with pasteurized milk instead of raw milk. This minimizes the chances of contracting any disease caused by a bacterium that is inside the cheese.

Tips to Buy Burrata Cheese Successfully

  1. Check the label on the jars to check the ingredients with which the cheese is made and check that both the milk and the cream are pasteurized.
  2. Always consume burrata cheese before the expiration date.
  3. If you buy artisanal burrata, make sure it comes inside a clean, contamination-free protective container.
  4. If burrata cheese comes in a jar, you should consume it within 48 hours, especially if you receive it freshly made.
  5. Avoid buying it online as it can come expired and you even have no opportunity to check its ingredients well.

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