Is Coursera Certificate Worth It? Does it have validity?

Is Coursera Certificate Worth It? Does it have validity? Who hasn’t asked themselves these kinds of questions? In my particular case, after a month in Linkedin Learning and paying the annuity to follow my training processes, where I emphasize of course SEO, Marketing and complementary subjects such as WordPress and many soft skills.

Is Coursera Certificate Worth It? Does it have validity?
Is Coursera Certificate Worth It? Does it have validity?

Online courses are a way to access infinite knowledge. They allow you to make the most of your time as well as train in new areas of your work from the comfort of your home. Coursera is one of the leading platforms in virtual courses that allows you to learn and train at a professional level but how valid is your academic training?

Is the Coursera certificate worth it? Does it add academic value to my curriculum? Does it make a difference when it comes to an interview? These are some of the questions that you must have surely asked yourself and today we will try to answer them all.


Foreando (participating in forums) I found that in the Google forums in Great Britain they recommended to learn SEO, the training of the UC Davis in Coursera.For me that was the trigger to mess with the platform, a good recommendation.

I kept tracking the university and the program on the web, it was real, it existed and from the university page they endorsed their program on the learning platform.

I kept searching the web, about the particularity of Coursera and its certifications; testimonies of unknown people and some friends who had already studied some subject there.

How does Coursera work?

Coursera is one of the largest and most efficient virtual education platforms in the world. It is available for students and even for professionals who decide to continue training in new areas of their career. Currently, there are more than 70 million people enrolled in Coursera who enjoy their courses endorsed by prestigious universities.

Partnerships with prestigious universities and leading companies in the market allow Coursera to offer you a completely free curriculum as you read! Free! This is one of the main attractions of the platform which helps many more people to enjoy the enriching academic offer.

The instructors of each course are professionals who are experts in their area who even have an endorsed educational component. They are able to transmit their knowledge in a great and dynamic way so that you can use it to the fullest during your work and education.

The virtual mode is completely easy to learn. Very few people tend to get tangled up and it doesn’t take them more than a few days to get used to how the virtual modality of the course works. Well-known companies around the world use Coursera to train their employees so you can learn current job skills from excellent professionals.

Coursera is Custom

The great thing about virtual education is that it allows students to manage their time as it works best for them. In the case of Coursera, you have the option to choose the course topics you want based on your interests and you also have the opportunity to enjoy synchronous and asynchronous courses.

Coursera gives you the option of synchronous courses with a start week and an end week. That means you have to meet the specific deadlines based on the time and schedule set for the course. These types of courses are only available for a while and then the availability offer on the platform concludes.

On the other hand, there are asynchronous courses which allow you to play with time to start and end your course. While a time limit may be set to finish the course, students can nevertheless decide when they will attend classes virtually.

As for the academic offer, Coursera gives you a lot of options to enjoy. You can choose between different areas of learning ranging from the most general to the most specific. Coursera has become a very popular page because it maintains an up-to-date course offering that allows you to stay ahead of new currents and research interests in an area.

Is the Coursera Certificate Valid?

Yes, it does have validity.

You see, Coursera is a great platform when it comes to learning new skills. The best part of all is that you can opt for certification to have the endorsement and academic support of your knowledge. Learning on Coursera will always be supported by different professionals who usually sign the certificates that are granted.

Even though it is distance education, Coursera is an internationally recognized platform due to the quality in virtual education they provide. The modalities of learning and development of final works are excellent since they allow to fix the knowledge learned and demonstrate them to the instructors.

The greatest added value of Coursera is that its certificates are endorsed by prestigious universities around the world. At the time of starting a course, you can check which University or Company is endorsing the knowledge taught and they will be the ones who sign and testify that you have learned and studied satisfactorily.

The University of California and Florida are some of those that endorse the courses on this platform along with others of high American recognition.

How is the Certificate obtained?

Coursera gives you a wide catalog of courses and the first thing you should do is locate yourself in which one you want to do. They are organized by area of knowledge and then by level of learning. There are even collections of courses that form “Specializations” endorsed on the platform.

Once you’ve chosen your course, it’s time to cancel your Coursera or certificate subscription. The platform gives you the option to pay only the cost of the certificate of the course in which you are going to be and thus be able to obtain your certificate endorsed at the end of it. Receiving the certificate at the end is quite satisfying since it is an enriching experience and having the academic support allows you to enjoy your knowledge to the fullest.

On the other hand, you can also opt for an annual subscription to Coursera and enjoy many other courses that will always be certified since you are a definitive part of the community.

Coursera Certificate Benefits

  • Academic Support of your Knowledge: Having the confirmation and definitive proof that you have obtained the knowledge of a course allows you to opt for more opportunities within work and academics as well as gives you a verified proof about your skills and knowledge.
  • Increased Job Opportunities: There are times when selections for jobs are only made by curriculum evaluation. Therefore, including certificates that validate your knowledge and skills help you pass the filter of various recruitment processes.
  • Personal Satisfaction: Finishing a course and receiving a certificate gives you a high degree of satisfaction and adds value to the entire educational experience.

Learn about Virtual Education Platforms: Coursera helps you with virtual skills that you can then apply to your job. They are highly valued skills lately.

Conclusions: Is Coursera Certificate Worth It? Does it have validity?

Are Coursera certificates valuable? Yes, absolutely. Not only for the learning, being the courses well structured and with times to perform them (although they can be moved or run at discretion); in my case I have found so far courses of 20-25 hours.

Does it have validity? Yes, not only because the company has a reputation on the internet as the largest company in the medium but because the courses are taught by universities and institutions from the platform.

That is why the certification is signed by the tutors and they carry the logos of Coursera and in the case of the example that annexes, of California Davis University. In addition, there is a unique serial for those who wish to verify, validate the validity of the training process and the portal itself ratifies or denies. Anyone can clone a diploma but online verification is only passed by certificates, legal degrees. Best regards.


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