Samsung QN90B review

Introduction: Samsung QN90B review. The Samsung qn90b is a high-end tv, and it’s the successor to the Samsung QN90A. It stands between the Samsung QN85b QLED, which provides the same performance as an ADS panel, and the Samsung QN85b.

Tizen OS’s innovative interface offers a large selection of games and apps. Samsung’s attention this year is on different characteristics, including support for google due, which helps to start video calls with 32 people on your TV. 

Samsung QN90B review
Samsung QN90B review

Samsung qn90b has definite strengths, unavoidable drawbacks, and good features like images, sound, and screen quality. But it is slow software and takes more time to take pictures. 

Let’s read the Samsung QN90B review.

Samsung QN90B gaming quality

Samsung has the gaming capability of this television. You can choose a few streaming options like Xbox game pass and stadia. Some limitations come with streaming a video game. The game bar does not work in this mode. 

Better sound than other TV

The speaker in the q90b generates good sound for a tv. Voices with 4.2.2 are easy to hear. It creates an expansive sound and produces a bit of bass. 

Samsung QN90B-Competition

Many people like the Samsung qn90b, but the price of a 65-inch set is 2600$, which is very high. Samsung’s new model S95B QDOLED 65 inch is more expensive than 3000 $.QN90B is like mini LED-style television from TCL but more costly. 

Samsung QN90B: Verdict

Giant TV could be better, and You can see the best performance and modern innovations. Smaller sets have good features. But it is not the purpose of showing that TV gravitates towards larger models.

You will get the same quality for which you pay. The Samsung QN90B is the best example we have seen in the set. 

You see it as an alternative buy for a guest bedroom is underselling its capabilities. Even if it lacks some of what comes on higher QN90B units, it provides so much that you will be okay with what you lose.

Performance data

Before checking each TV, We make sure the panel is on and getting a continuous signal for at least 24 hours. Our 55-inch QN90B received this high warm-up time before it had taken any reading. Also, the TV received the new firmware updates during testing.

QN90B filmmaker picture has been used for SDR and HDR. We’ve selected this setting for its accuracy, but its performance depends on which picture mode is enabled. Your experience with a bright picture with different locations helped. 

For extra context, you also conducted both SDR and HDR tests. In the TV’s Movie Highest brightness measurements have been taken with windows to represent the TV’s peak brightness over a fixed period. 

HDR contrast (brightness/black level): 944.4 nits/0.066 nits (ANSI checkerboard)

• SDR contrast (brightness/black level): 437.9 nits/0.025 nits (ANSI checkerboard)

• HDR peak brightness (sustained): 2,472 nits (10% white window) • HDR color gamut coverage (DCI-P3/10-bit): 91% 

• SDR color gamut coverage (Rec.709): 100%

Bright and colorful images

The brightness of this TV is very high. It would help if you toned down the brightness to keep it from irritating my eyes. See qn90b in the room where sunlight occurs.

The QN90B uses local dimming, allowing a clearer picture. Mini LED, s images on the qn90b are very sharp. The TV can provide bright colors. You can also adjust the color which is right for you. 

Samsung QN90B review for Connectivity

Samsung QN90B is a flagship TV ready to slot correctly into a high-level home theater setup. It featured an HDMI port capable of 4K/120HZ playback. 

You’ll see on the back of the QN90 B’s panel:

  • 4x HDMI 2.1 (4K @ 120Hz, 1x HDMI ARC/eARC
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • RF connection (cable/antenna)
  • Ethernet (LAN) Input
  • Digital audio output (optical)

Different sizes to choose

Samsung qn90b sizes range from 43 to 85 inches with different models. You can choose the size which fits your room. 

A Vibrant Viewing Experience

BBC Planet earth seems fantastic on the QN90B. . Plant hues are vibrant and different without appearing oversaturated.

At the same time, the blues of the water and the sky are bright. The picture shows good contrast. It seems clear in the shade and prevents looking too bright or washed out.

The red of Deadpool’s costume looks median and well-saturated in the overcast opening scene of Deadpool. The vivid picture brings out enough sun in the car sequence without throwing off the excellent grading. The flames in the burning lab fight have a good amount of texture. 

Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV with Remote

I remain interested in the concept of the Solar Cell Remote that Samsung has included with all its modern TVs. The 6.3-inch remote control, which has a black, brushed-metal look, sports a small solar panel on the back that you use for charging.

The quick way to capture the Solar Cell is to place it in the sun. If you’re ever worried about its remaining battery life, you can check in the “Power and Energy Saving” panel in Settings.

Pricing and availability

Samsung is the best TV company that offers a large variety of sizes for all its relatives of sets. It remains real with the QN90B line, which comes in seven distinct sizes (of which our review unit, the 43-inch version, is the smallest):

  • Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV 50-inch (QN50QN90BAF): $1,199.99
  • Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV 43-inch (QN43QN90BAF): $899.99
  • Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV 65-inch (QN65QN90BAF): $1,699.99
  • Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV 75-inch (QN75QN90BAF): $2,299.99
  • Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV 85-inch (QN85QN90BAF): $2,699.99
  • Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV 55-inch (QN55QN90BAF): $1,299.99
  • Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV 98-inch (QN98QN90BAF): $14,999.99

You can expect similar features and behavior, though some key variations exist. Only the 43- and 50-inch models help with a refresh rate of 144Hz. Some more Pros of the Samsung qn90b are Wide viewing angles, Bright, colorful, HDR images and Well stocked features.

Cons of qn90b

Some cons are

Slow software

The qn90b runs Samsung’s Tizen, a robust, innovative TV operating system. Netflix and HBO are apps for the most popular streaming services, and It also provides voice control through Alexa and google assistant. Qn90b is slower as compared to Roku. 

Take more work to get the best picture.

The final result of the qn90b is imposing. You can find bright and colorful pictures for your room. You see the right thing in qn90b. You get the best image when turned off in intelligence mode. 

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