What is Coursera?

What is Coursera? That is the question to which we will seek a very complete answer. In today’s digital age, online learning has become a fundamental tool to acquire knowledge and develop skills in a flexible and accessible way. In this context, Coursera has emerged as a revolutionary platform that has democratized education by offering a wide variety of courses and specializations taught by renowned academic institutions around the world.

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SEO Specialization at the University of California Davis and Coursera

Seo specialization certificate Uc Davis- Coursera

I just finished the SEO specialization and honestly it has been an experience of a lifetime, total: schedules, the language of the postgraduate course, which was in English, the time intensity, the flow of work and tasks, etc. etc. etc.
I have learned a lot of things about quotes, client presentations, methods, analysis reports and hundreds of other things.

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Is Coursera Certificate Worth It? Does it have validity?

Is Coursera Certificate Worth It? Does it have validity? Who hasn’t asked themselves these kinds of questions? In my particular case, after a month in Linkedin Learning and paying the annuity to follow my training processes, where I emphasize of course SEO, Marketing and complementary subjects such as WordPress and many soft skills.

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