Tui na massage: definition, description essential

Tui na massage: definition, description, How does Tui na massage work. Introduction. Tui na massage is based on rules and regulations of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The massages have roots in ancient China and consist of a powerful form of bodywork. 

Tui na massage: definition, description, How does Tui na massage work
Tui na massage: definition, description, How does Tui na massage work

It works with various health issues in humans and even with pets. Many people don’t know about the Tui na; this primary healing therapy was discovered in China thousands of years ago and is widespread. It is often called “twee na”.

Definition of Tui na massage

The famous Chinese manual therapy that treats diseases and prevents internal pain through massage is called Tui-Na. The Chinese Veterinary Medicine practitioner has been working on it for centuries and uses special techniques to apply on limb movement and stretching, meridians, and acupuncture points.

This massage makes its way quickly because it consists of powerful bodywork. Modern medicine therapies and traditional Chinese Medicine TCM use it with the wisdom of conventional medicine. This results in significant benefits for humans and animals without much cost.

Description of of Tui na massage

You can translate the Tui na massage as “push-grasp”. Many schools of Tui na have been working for centuries, but the standard hand-based techniques are still used today. These hand massages are mixed with a therapeutic series of pressing, grasping, knocking, tapping, passive manipulation and kneading. The people in the West used these techniques for performing acupressure massage.

There are many massages, but the purpose of the TuiNa ancient Chinese medicine is to restore blood, life-promoting energy or Chi and balance the hormone production. When energy and blood flow in balance in the human body, it supports health and resists other diseases.

These hand techniques have been practiced with animals and humans for centuries. In the past, these techniques were considered necessary for animals for agriculture and transportation and became more famous for military activities. It has recently been the most popular massage based on old techniques for human relief, dogs and cat comfort.

How does Tui na massage work

After centuries of clinical observation and research, Chinese medicine practitioners analyzed and determined that some specific energetic pathways or channels connect the internal organs with the tissues and extremities, run through the body and nourish it. These channels are called meridians.

If Chi or energy and Nutrient-rich blood pass freely and consistently through these energy blocks or pathways, all body and activities remain normal because these meridians promote good health.

Whenever there is a breakdown, blockage, and stagnation in the continuous flow of blood and Chi or energy, our body malfunctions and becomes imbalanced; if the body remains unbalanced for a long time, more health issues increase.

For example, if the body becomes tight and causes little pain, if we will not focus on it, the blood flow and energy will restrict and slowly, it becomes shallow, so, the results in potential immobility and pronounced lameness.

TCM perfectly uses massage to protect from illness by providing nutrient supply to the entire body. It maintains the energetic ways of the body and body functions normally, even becoming more active. After the massage, any imbalance in the body becomes balanced and it works deeper and constantly to recover ill health.

After the massage, the meridian system feeds energy and works on all issues, including health issues and mental issues such as tension and depression. It resolves skeletal issues such as swollen muscles, tendons, and ligaments. If you are suffering from joint stiffness, loss of vitality, weakness, arthritis and other aging problems, the Tui na massage slowly works with them.

Tui na massage recovers Several digestive, Respiratory, cardiovascular issues and immune system disorders. If you remain in tension, depression, lack mental focus, The Tui na massage works with a general sense of well-being.

But, there are certain situations where Tui na massage is not applicable such as older adults and frail should avoid Tui na massage. This message may prove dangerous for pregnant ladies, and people with specific skin diseases and undiagnosed masses should prevent it. After the large meal, wait for some hours to practice Tui na. Besides this, people with skin eruptions or bleeding should avoid Tui na.

The Tui na techniques formed after unlimited years of practice, and humbly everyone starts from somewhere. The specific acupressure “acupoints” called “one-finger meditation” or Yi Zhi chan tui fa stimulate the energy action in the particular acupoint.

If you apply one-finger meditation on acupoint Stomach 36 or St36, the energy will flow equally in the animal’s digestive tract. This St 36 path also stimulates vitality and boosts the immune system. 

When your thumb is extended down with a loose fist in Yi Zhi chan tui fa and you will generally press the thumb, the flesh portion of your thumb will work with your selected acupoint. In this massage, you should relax your shoulder and elbow and focus on the therapeutic value of the acupoint. The other hand will provide comfort to the body and helps to maintain a connection.

Keep your thumb focused on the acupoint and rhythmically oscillate your arm. It’s time to create oscillation, so make the movement of your hands slow and erythematous. It creates a vibratory frequency that will improve the flow of energy.

On the one acupoint, you need to keep the massage for two to three minutes. It would be better not to wear the dress and practice Tui na techniques on a firm pillow or a strong straight where you can easily apply Yi Zhi chan tui fa on humans or animals.

Specific Acupoints for Tui na

  • Each acupoint is specific for a particular function
  • Stomach 36 improves the immune system, promotes vitality and benefits the digestive tract.
  • The classic Bai Hui Point encourages the flow of Chi to the hindquarters and back; it resolves issues of the hip joint, arthritis and lameness. This point is the favorite of humans and animals during the massage.
  • Conception Vessel 17 is specific for reducing anxiety and respiratory disorder. This massage works well on humans lying down or on their back.
  • Spleen 6 acupoint works on the rear portion of the abdomen and the urogenital system. If anyone is suffering from incontinence or retention of urine, urinary tract infections, lower back pain, Tui na massage regulates the estrus cycle.

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