Tui na massage for dogs

Tui na massage for dogs: What is it, benefits, how it works, risks. Introduction. Surprisingly, dogs feel very happy during Tui na massage. No one can deny the benefits and pleasure of massage, and almost everyone likes it.

Nothing is greater than a powerful Tuina massage from the recovering injury, curing sore muscles and enjoying stress.

Tui na massage for dogs: What is it, benefits, how it works, risks
Tui na massage for dogs: What is it, benefits, how it works, risks

Nowadays, most dogs’ parents want to keep their dogs healthy and relaxed. Incredibly, Tui na massage has many benefits for pets, specifically dogs and cats. It is also beneficial in dogs’ pain and heals fur babies.This traditional Chinese massage therapy provides drug-free healing that is best for every type of dog. It is a non-invasive therapy that also keeps dogs happy.

Tui-Na, also called “twee na”, is based on TCM principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and manipulative bodywork. During the massage, the practitioner works as a “pinch and pull” to remove any disruptions and blockage to improve natural flow in the body. When energy flows properly along the meridians and muscles, dogs’ point comes back into proper alignment.

If your dog is suffering from various musculoskeletal concerns, injury, pain and anxiety, you can use this TCM modality for relaxation purposes. Most people used it in conjunction with other TCM therapies such as t’ai chi, fire cupping, acupuncture, and herbalism.

What is Tui na massage for dogs and pets?

Like humans, the flow of blood throughout their bodies and the continuous flow of energy are negatively affected by blockages. According to traditional Chinese medicine, if the body of dogs becomes unbalanced, they become lazy, don’t like play and compromising health conditions make them unhealthy day by day. But, Tui na massage works with various health issues in pets with highly effective techniques.

If your dog has Muscle, ligament and tendon issues, you should do Tui na therapy on your dogs. When your dog suffers from weakness, joint stiffness and arthritis, these are aging and mobility issues, so you should do therapy on your dog.

The Tui na massage also works perfectly with immune disorders, cardiovascular, digestive, and respiratory problems in dogs.

The Tui na massage maintains balance, improves lymph circulation, increases blood rate, and works with dogs’ overall well-being by quickly healing various health issues. Besides this, after the massage therapy, your dog enjoyed a better appetite and better sleep.

Benefits of Tui na massage for dogs

There are the following benefits of Tui na massage for dogs

Restore the Yin yang balance

The TCM states that the imbalance of yin yang is a leading cause of all diseases. The Tonifying and Sedation work with Tui na to restore the excess and low energy. Sedation is about reducing hypersecretion in body systems. At the same time, Tonify works to increase body functions.

Musculoskeletal Conditions

There are many Musculoskeletal diseases in the dogs such as laminitis, osteoarthritis, generalized muscle pain, tendonitis, cervical, lumbosacral, thoracolumbar, fee pain, lumbar strain and mild ligament injuries. At the same time, Tui na massage worse with these all conditions to improve our health.

Internal Medicine Disorders

Many internal medicine conditions include anorexia, non-infectious diarrhea, headaches, hemiplegia, acute and chronic bronchitis, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, and cough. Besides this, dysuria, Bi syndromes, peripheral facial paralysis, stress, sleep disorders, Wei syndromes, asthma,  pregnancy issues, parturition, reduced gastrointestinal motility, and discomfort a dog and Tui na massage work with all these diseases.

Solves Geriatric Conditions

The Tui na slowly treats many Geriatric conditions in dogs such as stiffness, osteoarthritis, sleeping issues, neurovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, Bi syndromes, Wei syndromes and common weakness.

Treat Pediatric Diseases

Most dogs suffer from many Pediatric conditions such as cough, fever, diarrhea, enuresis, torticollis, tendon contracture, viral infections, infantile malnutrition, and infantile paralysis. Tui na massage treats all Pediatric Diseases with success.

Disease Prevention

According to Chinese medicine therapy, the imperfection of something causes all diseases, and this something-something is energy. The Tui-na manipulation uses Patten Differentiation to prevent your dog from infection.

Boost performance

In case of any blockage or internal lowering of energy, the main issue in dogs is they become lazy and don’t work, play, eat less and don’t sleep well. The primary function of Tui na is boosting energy in dogs by improving blood flow. It Improves circulation and flexibility, reduces stress and anxiety in dogs, Comfort at all stages of life, increases quick recovery speed, Boosts the immune system and Alleviates joint muscle pain.

How Tui na massage for dogs works

As discussed previously, The Tui Na massage works with specific channels of dogs’ bodies where energy moves. If there is a blockage of Qi, this massage works and mentally unblock that path to restore power in the body. The results in proper functioning and relief from Shoulder joint pain, ankle pain, Neck pain in dogs, Muscle spasms, Sciatica, back pain, and skeletal conditions.

Risks Tui na massage for dogs.

If your dos are frail, very weak and very old, too vigorous or prolonged massage can weaken them, so avoid Tui na massage on such pets?

Sometimes, Acute Fracture sites in the dos cause pain for manipulating different fragile internal parts. If your dog is pregnant and you will treat abdominal acupuncture points too vigorously, it will interrupt pregnancy and cause the loss of a dog.

If your dog is suffering from an infectious disease or any epidemic condition, you should treat him instead of a brutal massage. After the food intake, if you treat your dog with a Tui massage, it will be dangerous.

So, it would help if you allowed the bowl and blood shunted for digestion and absorption. If you want to do Tui na, wait approximately 30 minutes after a meal to do Tui na.

Some Tui na techniques can damage the fragile sin of dos. If your dog is suffering from Serious dermatitis or injured skin, skin eruptions or bleeding, never do Tui na; instead, allow the skin to receive and then come back to massage. If undiagnosed masses are present, they cause infectious or neoplastic etiologies, so avoid Tui na with such dogs.

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