Feng shui bedroom colors: singles, married couples

Feng shui bedroom colors: for singles, for sleeping, for married couples.

Feng shui bedroom colors: for singles, for sleeping, for married couples
Feng shui bedroom colors: for singles, for sleeping, for married couples


Feng Shui is a complement to Chinese astrology.; feng shui is also an old Chinese customary usage that declares the use of energy forces to coordinate independently with their surrounding environment. The actual meaning of the phrase feng shui is “wind-water.”

It is because in old times all water bodies and oceans were thought to control the smooth flow of general Qi. And they control it through their energy places and body structure. 

Due to the same structure of QI as water and air, we also need an expert to understand how much they can affect the Feng Shui in improving long life, family, wealth, and happiness in life.

These were the right and beneficial effects of Qi, but the wrong flow of the Qi brings bad results in life. Furthermore, the aspects of Qi include astronomical, astrological, architectural, cosmological, geographical, and topographical. 

In old and new Chinese astrology, feng shui is used in the structure of buildings and historically and spiritually important tombs. In western society, it is used only in the interior design of the building just for health and wealth.

But now, due to the advice and counseling of the ‘feng shui consultants’ and corporate architects, people begin taking an interest in it, and through these ‘feng shui consultants’ and corporate architects, earn handsome money.

Although feng shui is very famous all over the world now it is very famous and approved by non-scientific and pseudoscientific methods. Because it approved many bewitchment aspects, it claims to control the world in a scientifically impossible miracle way.

According to the research of the experts, two main cultures named the Yangshao and Hongshan provide the oldest evidence for the use of feng shui. But these days, feng shui colors are used for different purposes but let’s find feng shui in bedroom colors.       

Feng shui bedroom colors for singles

In the feng shui, orange shows the fire element. The orange color is a symbol of optimism and a social environment. The orange color is the best Feng shui color that is alternative to red color and will be ye perfect choice for the bedroom. If you are single and want to decorate your room with Feng shui colors, the orange color will bring happiness, wealth, and luck.

Feng shui practitioners and advisors recommend skin tones warm and rich earth colors for bedrooms of singles. Such tan, peach, coral, cotta, and copper colors create a welcoming and warming atmosphere in the bedroom.

Besides this, soft colors such as blue, green, and other light colors create an inviting, quiet, tranquil vibe and positive energy, so it turns your room into a positive environment. It is a fact that social colors are best for singles.

With firing colors, the young generation feels great company and energetic chats. This color makes us remember the summertime. Besides this, you can use this color for both the bedroom and living room.

Feng shui bedroom colors for sleeping

In feng shui, a bed is used for the commanding position principles. Many people want a bedroom in a place where they can see the bedroom door while lying in bed. But, it doesn’t look good to place the bed directly in line with the door. The best place for a bed is diagonal from the door.

According to Feng shui, use the claiming colors for sleeping in the bedroom. The feng shui recommends that soft colors such as blue and lavenders create soft vibes in the bedroom that helps in sleeping, while natural colors cream, cocoa, copper, and earth color create a warm, rich, and welcoming atmosphere.

It brings inviting energy for sleeping. The feng shui rooms are water-loving rooms, and white, gray, blue, and black colors suit the feng shui rooms perfectly. Feng Shui black is also perfect for sleeping but doesn’t use it in the ceiling.

A study shows that the bedrooms with blue colors attain more energy for sleeping than common bedrooms. If you keep the blue color in the bedroom, you will feel calm, relative, and safe, so blue is the best color for sleeping in Feng shui rooms.

Feng shui bedroom colors for married couples  

For married couples, it is necessary to decorate their room with suitable colors. If you want to make your relationship strong, use romantic colors in your bedroom. It is best to opt for red and pink colors. But, avoid the green, black and brown colors in couples’ bedrooms. In romantic colors, pink and purple colors create the best romantic points.

The red color is an element of fire and shows an uplifting or aggravating effect. It is said that the red color rules the feng shui and helps in uplifting the sex life, but couples suffering from clashes should avoid red colors.

Besides this, the yellow color also suits couples as it shows joy and power. The color of the sun is yellow, relieves spontaneity, natural energy, and abundance. Various studies show that the yellow color shows general well-being, clearer, and intelligence. 

The best of all colors is the orange color that shows brightness, various disciplines, positive energy, and much more. For married couples, the orange color will bring success and luck. If we look upon the green color, it symbolizes prosperity, balance, and nature.

The green colors urge hope, inspire and make us relax. So, for married couples, the green color is a sign of romance that keeps them happy and creates a positive feeling.


No one can deny the importance of Feng shui in everyday life. The feng shui colors make the environment perfect to match in any environment.

When you live with such vibrant colors, you feel relaxed, and inspiration from such colors makes your life happy. For singles, it brings power, energy, and happiness to do more work.

It brings happiness, romance, and the power to live happily for married couples. For sleeping, the Feng shui colors bring prosperity, good sleep, soothing and relaxed minds. All in all, Feng shui colors can make your life happy.

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