What is Ezoic?

What is Ezoic? How Does the Ad Tester Work? What’s the Difference between Adsense? Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner.How Much Does Ezoic Cost? 

what is ezoic
What is Ezoic

The California-based company Ezoic is a Google Publishing Partner that provides Artificial Intelligence solutions for website optimization. Using artificial intelligence, Ezoic can optimize ad positions, improve page speed and SEO, and optimize mobile websites.

By connecting publishers to the best-performing ad network partners, automating ad testing, and providing advanced technology, Ezoic enhances the user experience on websites.

On its website, Ezoic states that it was founded in 2010 as a technology solution for digital publishers looking to generate more revenue from their websites and optimize user experiences.

If you use this platform for a while, you’re likely to agree with me.

Ezoic understands the need of web publishers to create a great User Experience (UX). This is a platform that enables website publishers to generate higher revenue through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

By connecting publishers to the best ad networks, automating ad testing, and providing advanced technology, improves the user experience on websites. By using Ezoic, website publishers can maintain control over all testing while simplifying multiple objectives.

Technology such as this is designed to maximize advertising revenue, site speed, user experience, and other metrics for publishers. Display ad inventory management, ad placements, and caching performance can all be managed by Ezoic.

As well as optimizing video settings, the software also optimizes optimization settings and user data. In order to track, analyze, and manage multiple aspects of ad revenue, site speed, and user experience, publishers do not need additional plugins or third-party software.

All the ads you see while reading this guide are served by Ezoic’s technology. Aside from optimizing site speed, Ezoic also tracks critical analytics metrics such as bounce rate, unique page views, total page views, and average time spent on a page.

The earnings per thousand visitors (EPMV), as well as the revenue, are tracked. Ezoic’s primary purpose is to boost your revenue by optimizing your website’s ad placements. Using a combination of user experience and advertising testing accomplishes this. As well as managing caching, speed settings, and user analytics, Ezoic can also manage important aspects of your website.

How Does the Ad Tester Work?

Ad networks are not part of Ezoic. A wide variety of networks, ad exchanges, and advertisers provide ads for the tests. Google Ad Exchange provides the most ads.

With the help of AI, each publisher can automatically compete against other ad networks (e.g., Adsense) using their existing ad networks. Therefore, the inventory is always achieved at the highest price. 

Ezoic provides its users with the ability to intelligently test ads per page, visitor, device, time, location, and other factors in real-time. Tests are conducted to find the most effective ad layout per visitor by manually configuring ad positions, sizes, and quantities.

This data is used by artificial intelligence for learning and making appropriate adjustments. The system complies with individually configured optimization goals: Revenue, user experience, or a balance of both – the AI will help achieve the goal, but the website operator always retains control.

Ezoic’s Ad Tester promises increased page views, longer sessions, and reduced bounce rates. The average revenue increase for website owners using Ad Tester is 50 percent.

Those who wish to utilize Ezoic benefit from personal onboarding specialists, knowledge bases, and success teams during the free setup.

What’s the Difference between Adsense?

It is the payment model that is the biggest difference between AdSense and Ezoic. Those who have used AdSense know that Google pays for clicks only. A different approach is taken by Ezoic, which pays for ad impressions, i.e., visual contact with the ad.

Therefore, a visitor does not need to click on an advertisement anymore; he only needs to see it on a website. In turn, this increases the profitability of Ezoics services. By using Ezoic, you can increase revenue by 50% compared to using AdSense.

The operators of websites do not have to completely give up access to AdSense as a result of this. Ezoic continues to offer AdSense, but it competes with all other networks. Ezoic’s header bidding and mediation capabilities and Google’s Ad Exchange offer this functionality.

The second difference is how advertising revenue is measured: AdSense uses revenue per thousand views (RPM). EPMV (revenue per thousand visitors) is the method used by Ezoic. With EPMV, the entire session can be analyzed and more accurate statements about the performance of the site can be made – and changes can be made accordingly.

In contrast to pure advertising networks, Ezoic also takes into consideration the visitor experience and thus acts in the website operator’s best interests.

Ezoic is Google Certified Publishing Partner

Google’s Certified Publishing Partner program accepted Ezoic among the first publishers.

You know you are working with someone who has been thoroughly vetted when you see a badge from Google indicating Certified Publishing Partners.

A few of the most trusted and experienced companies were initially selected by Google in 2014 as certified partners for AdSense publishers.

Programs such as these are designed for Adsense publishers who meet high-quality standards, are compliant with all policies, and are committed to providing excellent service and results.

Later, the Google Certified AdSense program evolved into the Google Certified Publishing Partner Program.

As Google’s first Certified Publishing Partner, Ezoic has been endorsed by the search giant.

How Much Does Ezoic Cost?

All website operators can use the Ezoic platform for free. After the 30-day free trial, the Ad Tester is financed either by a small text ad at the bottom of each page or by 10% of advertising revenue.

The people who use Ezoic are not obligated to sign any contracts. Ezoic’s customers can switch back to another system if they are dissatisfied for any reason.

Final Words: What is Ezoic?

In essence, what Ezoic does is help user experience and ad testing together to optimize your website’s ad placements to increase revenue.

As well as caching, speed settings, video content, and user analytics, Ezoic’s Content Publishing technology enables you to manage other important aspects of your website.

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